We’re a product studio working at the intersection of emotion and technology. We’re focused on developing a constellation of products to support emotional well-being and help people unlock their full potential.


We’re on a mission to tap into the best that technology has to offer to support a kinder, more self-aware society. In order to do great things in this world, it’s always helpful to understand what motivates you, what scares you, and what’s holding you back. We’re all about creating products that help you do that.


We’re an insatiably curious team of product people, designers, developers, and entrepreneurs with a deep interest in human behavior. Our common passion: We want to create products that have meaning and heart.

  • "Helping to support people in unlocking their true potential, may be one of the finest ways for us to unlock our own."
  • Albert Lee
  • Founder - Managing Partner
  • "Feelings are often put in a box. By creating products about emotion that are both fun and useful, I hope to help people understand and celebrate emotion rather than avoid it."
  • Lauren McDevitt
  • Partner - Product
  • "Emotions are essential to finding and experiencing well-being in our lives. Our goal: Building products to realize the Qualified, and not just the Quantified Self."
  • Jamie Roberts
  • Engineering Lead
  • “Emotions blanket our entire lives—from our relationships to our work—so I hope that by supporting individuals we can positively impact entire cultures.”
  • Mallory Box
  • Design Lead

If you’re interested in telling us your needs, testing out prototypes, or hearing about new product launches: